02 February 2019

عربية الناس Companion Websites for Arabiyyat Alnass Textbooks


The main goal of these books is to introduce the reader to the main features
of an integrated Arabic program, one that introduces the two varieties of the
languages, called here Fus.h.فصحي MSA

mmiyya, عامية  of Lavant (Syria,Lebanon, Palastine and Jordan) simultaneously and in a way that
reflects the use of the language by Arabic native speakers spoken in that  area. The author  argued
that this integration is the most logical, effective, and economical way to
prepare the student of Arabic as a foreign language to deal successfully with
the Arabic diglossic situation.

Note: Arabiyyat Alnass  mean language of Arabs  or Arabic language 
 Alnass mean people -This is an IDAFA structure 
9780415516938 Book Cover

Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part One)

9780415509084 Book Cover

Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part Two)

9780415509015 Book Cover

Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part Three)

14 January 2019

 Arabic-English Dictionar


Available from:
VerbAce Pro is a dictionary which comes as a computer software (i.e it has to be installed on your computer) that provides Arabic-English/English-Arabic translations. It enables searching by root words, searching by whole words, searching by verbs in their present/command tense and provides exact matches and partial matches.
The exact matches for verbs include basic information like form, present tense (in notation) for 3-letter verbs, synonyms in Arabic and usage with different prepositions. The nouns are provided with the plurals as well. The search results are nicely separated by verb/noun.
A very impressive feature is a hover-over translation for Arabic and English words, which makes reading Arabic articles incredibly easy and fun.
1) Ease of Usage. Very easy and intuitive to use. The amount of knowledge of grammar you need to fully benefit from VerbAce is roughly equivalent to the amount you need for the Mawrid. However, since you can search verbs in their different tenses and many times with attached pronouns, VerbAce benefits those beginners who cannot benefit from Sakhr and the Mawrid yet. Moreover, the hover-over translation is absolutely incredible.
2) Arabic Synonyms. Helps build up the vocabulary.
3) Completeness. Unlike the Mawrid and Sakhr, VerbAce provides much more complete information about verbs and nouns. It also provides commonly used phrases (mostly contemporary) which clarify the meanings further.
4) Accuracy. The search engine of VerbAce is far superior than Sakhr or that of the electronic Mawrid. It returns results faster and much more accurately.
5) Speed. The results are displayed very speedily, yet accurately.
---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------


Available from:for an electronic version, if you have an apple  phone; go to APP then under dictionary  look for Arabic Almanac
It is the red colour with big A in the middle also available in PDF. (click on pdf here)
Learning Arabic @ City University London

Start Wednesday 23 January for 10 weeks

Recommended reading (from lesson 12)

Ahlan wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners, Second Edition: With Online Media Access the Online Interactive Exercises (Password inside the textbook)
By: Mahdi Alosh, Revised by Allen Clark

Why choose this course?

Taught mostly in Arabic, this language short course is perfect if you have some knowledge of Arabic and would like to continue learning.
This Arabic evening course will enable you to communicate with more variation and fluency, so you feel confident in most everyday situations with Arabic speakers. It will also broaden your understanding of the Arabic culture and way of life. Challenging but rewarding, the Arabic Lower Intermediate course is perfectly suited to those looking to improve their skills and knowledge.
The course consists of one evening class a week for a total of 30 weeks; spread across three modules, the Arabic Lower Intermediate short course is ideal for those with various commitments or working full time.
All of our language short courses are taught by qualified native speakers and delivered at City, University of London’s main campus, in the heart of the capital.

Course overview

The Arabic lower intermediate short course covers various subjects such as: scheduling appointments, reading newspapers, describing neighbourhood businesses and their locations, writing postcards and letters, discussing sports and food, expressing preference and frequency, colours; and describing countries.
Linguistic skills such as building sentences, transforming information and describing aspects of one’s background and immediate environment are developed.

Is it the right level for me?

The Arabic Lower Intermediate is ideal if you have completed the Arabic Beginners course or have a good beginners knowledge of Arabic. You can check your level using our online guidelines.
The Arabic Lower Intermediate course is taught at progressive levels, starting with Module One in October. We only advise joining Module Two or Module Three if you are already familiar with the content from earlier modules (see the What will I learn? section below for module content).

Topics covered

  • Describing the weather and the four seasons
  • Describing daily  routines and activities
  • Describing events such as national and religious festivities
  • Providing personal information
  • Describing people, activities and past events.

Grammatical structures

  • Introduction to partitive nouns: Some, all, mostبعض-كُلَ- معظم
  • Verb position in Arabic sentences
  • Negative imperative
  • Introduction to passive sentences
  • Expressing reasons using the particles لأن لذلك and expressing contrast with the structureأما...ف
  • Introduction to grammatical function of verbs known as Sisters of Kana أخوات كان

29 September 2018

Free Arabic Media Lessons-Intermediate to Advanced

Want to improve your  Arabic, visit my FREE pages

الأجر على الله 
Enjoy it! and if you do , please do not keep it for your self.

15 August 2018

Learn at a moderate pace with our Arabic Beginners short -City University -London

Learn at a moderate pace with our Arabic Beginners short course. Starting in October 2018, you will progress through three modules over a one-year period. (every Tuesday ) Almost full up to 29/09/2018
start Tuesday 2 October. if you are enroled plesae visit Moodle of City University https://moodle.city.ac.uk/login/index.php
This is Beginners (Year 1) Short Courses https://www.city.ac.uk/courses/short-courses/arabic-beginners-year-1 

Please note the module and the start date. 
Full Module mean you pay for the full year (3 modules =big saving);  
otherwise you pick one module a time. 
Work Book :

Year 2 (every Wednesday )
Start from lesson 8 or 9 of  Ahlan Wa Sahlan (link below) depends of the level of new students. 
Please note the module and the start date. 
Full Module mean you pay for the full year (3 modules =big saving); otherwise you pick one module a time. 


30 classes over 3 modules
18:00 - 20:00 (term 1) 18:30-20:30 (Term 2&3)
£560.00 (full syllabus - 3 modules)
£235 (module 1)
£235 (module 3)
Course code:

30 classes over 3 modules
18:00 - 20:00 (term 1) 18:30-20:30 (Term 2&3)
£560.00 (full syllabus - 3 modules)
£235 (module 1)
£235 (module 2)
£235 (module 3)
Course code: