26 April 2017

Arabic | City, University of London Online Store

Arabic | City, University of London Online Store:
Also available in Amazon
Main publisher – Yale University
First Ed available FREE (It has all lessons) but it is an old version. NOT recommended.  
1ST ED  available free as pdf
Available in one textbook  30 lessons
 (see link above –subject to availability)

2ND ED   - Only available in hardcopy- available in two text books -Recommended
Available in a separate textbook and called unites not lessons . These unites  are essential if you are a complete beginners.
LESSON  7 -30

LESSON  1 -24
These are available in a seperate textbook that has 24 lessons
If you are  lucky you will get CD & Dvd with the text book, however  all the audio available online:  
 Lessons: Access the audio & video program for the Textbook          password   aleppo    (no capital)
 Available only on line NOT CD or DVD   Access the Online Interactive Exercises


Arabic Beginners - Year 1

Arabic Beginners - Year 1

Learn and study Arabic in central London with City University London, this Arabic for Beginners short course is mostly taught in Arabic in the evenings over 10 lessons.
StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee
02/05/201704/07/20175£230.00[Read More]
Arabic Beginners Summer Intensive (Year 1)

Arabic Beginners Summer Intensive (Year 1)

Learn Arabic from scratch with this highly intensive Arabic Summer course designed for complete beginners who want to quickly gain social communication skills.
StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee
08/05/201717/07/201716£500.00[Read More]
Arabic Lower Intermediate - Year 2

Arabic Lower Intermediate - Year 2

Learn to speak Arabic with City University London. We have a whole host of Arabic Courses in central London at all levels. This part time course will have you speaking and writing in Arabic
StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee
04/05/201706/07/201714£230.00[Read More]