16 May 2013

Arabic Corpus

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Arabic Verb Concordance

Searching for verbs and words
The list of verbs shows below  is grouped by root and form, and sorted by frequency. Words which are not verbs, including participles and verbal nouns, are listed in a seperate lemma list. Click on a translation to see all occurrences of an Arabic verb. The translations given below are brief summaries (glosses). An Arabic verb may have a range of meanings depending on context (see translation accuracy).
Source http://corpus.quran.com/verbs.jsp

قَالَق و لI1618to say
كَانَك و نI1358to be
ءَامَنَا م نIV537to believe
عَلِمَع ل مI382to know
جَعَلَج ع لI340to make
كَفَرَك ف رI289to disbelieve
جَآءَج ي اI278to come
عَمِلَع م لI276to do, to work
آتَىا ت يIV271to give
رَءَار ا يI271to see
أَتَىا ت يI264to come, to bring
شَآءَش ي اI236to will, to wish
خَلَقَخ ل قI184to create
أَنزَلَن ز لIV183to send down, to reveal
كَذَّبَك ذ بII176to deny, to reject
دَعَاد ع وI170to call, to invite, to pray
ٱتَّقَىٰو ق يVIII166to be righteous, to fear (Allah)
هَدَىه د يI144to guide
أَرَادَر و دIV139to intend, to desire, to want, to wish
ٱتَّبَعَت ب عVIII136to follow
أَرْسَلَر س لIV130to send
أَخَذَا خ ذI127to take, to seize
ٱتَّخَذَا خ ذVIII124to take
عَبَدَع ب دI122to worship
ظَلَمَظ ل مI110to oppress, to wrong
سَأَلَس ا لI106to ask
وَجَدَو ج دI106to find
أَخْرَجَخ ر جIV99to bring forth, to drive out
أَكَلَا ك لI93to eat, to consume
لَّيْسَل ي سI89to not be
فَعَلَف ع لI88to do
نَّظَرَن ظ رI87to look, to see
ذَكَرَذ ك رI84to remember, to mention
خَافَخ و فI83to fear, to be afraid
قَتَلَق ت لI83to kill
رَجَعَر ج عI79to return
سَمِعَس م عI78to hear, to listen
تَوَلَّىٰو ل يV78to turn
أَمَرَا م رI77to order, to command
دَخَلَد خ لI76to enter
جَزَىٰج ز يI73to reward, to recompense
أَطَاعَط و عIV72to obey
أَوْحَىٰٓو ح يIV72to reveal, to inspire
أَشْرَكَش ر كIV71to associate partners
أَلْقَىٰٓل ق يIV71to cast, to throw, to meet, to offer
وَعَدَو ع دI70to promise
أَنفَقَن ف قIV68to spend
غَفَرَغ ف رI65to forgive
أَحْبَبْح ب بIV64to love, to like
أَصَابَص و بIV64to strike, to befall, to bestow

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14 May 2013

Arabic Grammar and Exercises

Arabic Grammar and Exercises

From the remote mountains of Algeria where he was born to Switzerland, where he lives today, Abdallah Nacereddine has spent his lifetime traveling and lived in many European countries, Asia and the U.S. He  was a teacher of Arabic at the United Nations, Geneva, from September 1976 to March 1999. Previously he did all kinds of jobs, while traveling for 25 years, from one city, one country or from one continent to another, and, at the same time, studying by himself. Self-taught, with little formal schooling, he has always taught somewhere, sometime or another, as he started to teach the Holy Koran to children of his own age, or younger or older, when he was only twelve years old, after he had learned it himself by heart. He taught himself the English language. If you wish to know more, I invite you to read his fascinating autobiography in 2 volumes, 1360 pages. The Preface.

Source  http://anacereddine.com/index.html

useful link for Arabic learner -The Arabic Alphabet -

The Arabic Alphabet  (in English and French )

 Source  http://anacereddine.com/Alphabet.pdf

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