16 May 2013

Arabic Verb Concordance

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The list of verbs shows below  is grouped by root and form, and sorted by frequency. Words which are not verbs, including participles and verbal nouns, are listed in a seperate lemma list. Click on a translation to see all occurrences of an Arabic verb. The translations given below are brief summaries (glosses). An Arabic verb may have a range of meanings depending on context (see translation accuracy).
Source http://corpus.quran.com/verbs.jsp

قَالَق و لI1618to say
كَانَك و نI1358to be
ءَامَنَا م نIV537to believe
عَلِمَع ل مI382to know
جَعَلَج ع لI340to make
كَفَرَك ف رI289to disbelieve
جَآءَج ي اI278to come
عَمِلَع م لI276to do, to work
آتَىا ت يIV271to give
رَءَار ا يI271to see
أَتَىا ت يI264to come, to bring
شَآءَش ي اI236to will, to wish
خَلَقَخ ل قI184to create
أَنزَلَن ز لIV183to send down, to reveal
كَذَّبَك ذ بII176to deny, to reject
دَعَاد ع وI170to call, to invite, to pray
ٱتَّقَىٰو ق يVIII166to be righteous, to fear (Allah)
هَدَىه د يI144to guide
أَرَادَر و دIV139to intend, to desire, to want, to wish
ٱتَّبَعَت ب عVIII136to follow
أَرْسَلَر س لIV130to send
أَخَذَا خ ذI127to take, to seize
ٱتَّخَذَا خ ذVIII124to take
عَبَدَع ب دI122to worship
ظَلَمَظ ل مI110to oppress, to wrong
سَأَلَس ا لI106to ask
وَجَدَو ج دI106to find
أَخْرَجَخ ر جIV99to bring forth, to drive out
أَكَلَا ك لI93to eat, to consume
لَّيْسَل ي سI89to not be
فَعَلَف ع لI88to do
نَّظَرَن ظ رI87to look, to see
ذَكَرَذ ك رI84to remember, to mention
خَافَخ و فI83to fear, to be afraid
قَتَلَق ت لI83to kill
رَجَعَر ج عI79to return
سَمِعَس م عI78to hear, to listen
تَوَلَّىٰو ل يV78to turn
أَمَرَا م رI77to order, to command
دَخَلَد خ لI76to enter
جَزَىٰج ز يI73to reward, to recompense
أَطَاعَط و عIV72to obey
أَوْحَىٰٓو ح يIV72to reveal, to inspire
أَشْرَكَش ر كIV71to associate partners
أَلْقَىٰٓل ق يIV71to cast, to throw, to meet, to offer
وَعَدَو ع دI70to promise
أَنفَقَن ف قIV68to spend
غَفَرَغ ف رI65to forgive
أَحْبَبْح ب بIV64to love, to like
أَصَابَص و بIV64to strike, to befall, to bestow

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