27 December 2013

Learn Arabic at City University 2014 with El Shareif


The above link is my next teaching course at City University / London starts 28 / January 2014  every Tuesday 6.30-8.30 pm
We are using Ahlan wa Sahlan  isbn 9780300122725  second edition. ( this term from lesson 3 ).

Approach: Lecturer and learner activities are geared toward developing functional abilities to USE Arabic accurately and fluently in listening, speaking, reading, and writing .This involves intensive classroom interaction and out-of - class activities. Hence, you need to study at least 2 hours for each hour in the classroom.

Also I will be teaching at kings College London ( day time ) as well as SOAS.

SOAS : I will be teaching every Saturday 10-3  start 18/ January/ 2014 for 10 week .( MSA and  Egyptian dialect / Arabic Accelerated ). We are using Al- Kitaab Arabic Language Program  isbn 9781589017054 third edition.

For distance  teaching and chat  you can contact me at  Skype  /  Friday only  at (Skype name:  myarabicteacher) .
Thank you .
Ahmed El-Shareif  (MA) .

Tanzil - Quran Navigator

Tanzil - Quran Navigator

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Wish you a Happy New Year 2014