15 November 2013

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أتعلم كتابة أحرف الهجاء LEARN HOW TO WRITE IN ARABIC

أتعلم كتابة أحرف الهجاء:

الكتابة writing 

  click on the blue arrow to go to the next letter
ALIF http://www.schoolarabia.net/wa7et_2atfal/learn_alpha/learn_alpha-1.htm
تعرف على الحروف  RECOGNIZE THE LETTERS , you willhear the word (LAWEN  coulour) this mean coulour the letters by spesific colour ( the name of the colour will apear) for example  : colour the lion with orange coulour  as in this link ---- to move to different letter click on the letter.

Song http://www.schoolarabia.net/asasia/duroos_1_2/arabi/abc/abc1.htm
another song click on the letter http://www.schoolarabia.net/wa7et_2atfal/7orof_hija2/7orof_hija2_1.htm

المبتكر في تعليم القراءة العربية learn how to read Arabic

المبتكر في تعليم القراءة العربية:

How to read and write Arabic?
The above link is in Arabic language only, ask your teacher to help you, however even if you are new to Arabic language you still can learn from this lesson.
Very simple,
1-just click on the link above
2-click on the Picture (you will hear a sound related to the picture)

Scroll down the page, there are another 12 steps, click on each step when you are ready.
For more lesson follow this link http://www.schoolarabia.net/asasia/duroos_1_2/arabi/al_mobtaker/index.htm
alif http://www.schoolarabia.net/asasia/duroos_1_2/arabi/al_mobtaker/lesson1/lesson1.htm
ح http://www.schoolarabia.net/asasia/duroos_1_2/arabi/al_mobtaker/lesson4/lesson1.htm

Stanford University Arabic Department | Alphabet Chart

Stanford University Arabic Department | Alphabet Chart: "The Arabic Letters - Different Positions: Initial, Medial and Final
Click on a letter to see how to write it."

 source :http://www.stanford.edu/dept/lc/arabic/alphabet/chart.html

03 November 2013

MWA Basic Course Volume 1 www.al3arabiya.org : al3arabiya.org : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

MWA Basic Course Volume 1 www.al3arabiya.org : al3arabiya.org : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive:

At last, here is( the above link ) the missing Audio of FSI Volume 1 .
Note: (missing Tapes)
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 8.mp3 
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 10.mp3 
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 14Part 1.mp3
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 14Part 2.mp3
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 15 Part 1.mp3
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 16 Part 1.mp3
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 23 Part 1.mp3
Modern Written Arabic Lesson 24 Part 1.mp3
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 Volume 2

Volume 3
From my library:

ALL PDF OF V 1,2,3
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