12 November 2012

Byki Language Learning Software and Word Lists: casaw

Byki Language Learning Software and Word Lists: casaw:
 "e-Arabic FlashCards is an initiative to enhance vocabulary memorization and recall using digital audio flashcards. The collection of e-flashCards produced so far is composed of lists of thematic Arabic vocabulary, expressions and grammar rules. © Mourad Diouri | "

Free online Arabic reading course

Free online Arabic reading course:

The course contains 13 lessons, in each lesson you will:
  • learn two or three new letters from the Arabic alphabet
  • test yourself on recognising the new letters within words
  • test yourself on reading whole words that contain the new letters

Good luck

04 November 2012

Glary Utilities | Glarysoft

Glary Utilities | Glarysoft

 If you think that this link has nothing to do with learning Arabic, then you are wrong !
Slow computer may put you off learning fast hence, here is a FREE SOFTWARE  to clean your computer. I am glad that helper such as Glarysoft is always here in my computer.