10 January 2011

Arabic Grammar Resource

Arabic Grammar Resource 
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BIG THANKS TO THE TEACHERS OF dliflc   for allowing us to use this  resource .!!

Here is short cut to Grammer related to unit 15 of AL-KITAAB الكتاب في تعلم العربية part1.
الاسم الموصول

اذا http://ags.dliflc.edu/data/ArabicGrammarVideo_003.html

لو http://ags.dliflc.edu/data/ArabicGrammarVideo_017.html

النفي PART 1 ليس http://ags.dliflc.edu/data/ArabicGrammarVideo_019.html

PART2 http://ags.dliflc.edu/data/ArabicGrammarVideo_020.html