27 November 2014

Arabic Keyboard

Method 1
Arabic Keyboard


Transfering your work to documents:
After writing if you want to transfer it to Documents( Microsoft Word )
بعد الانتهاء من الكتابة قم بتعليم النص
1-Highlight the text
 ثم اضغط
2-"Ctrl C"
 وعند لصقه اضغط
 3-"Ctrl V"

When you finish  writing  COPY & PAST  it in words documents
Method 2
The other way is to copy the whole key board and replace it next to your English keyboard.
Go to (based on win7)
1- Control Panel
2- Language and Region
3- Keyboards and Language
4-Click on change keyboard
5- Look for ADD -Then Add Arabic (any)
6-Click SAVE .
6- You will see word EN or your original keyboard's language at the right hand side of you computer. (near, sound ,date and clock ...etc.)
7-Click  EN you will see AR .