27 November 2009

As the Arabs Say...كـَما قالـَت العَرَب

As the Arabs Say...كـَما قالـَت العَرَب

Salaam to you all,
On the happy occasion of Eid Al-Adha (عيد الأضحى‎) tomorrow, I would like to wish everyone a blessed and joyful Eid celebration. May I take this opportunity to introduce you to (As the Arabs Say…كـَما قالـَت العَرَب) a new project which I've initiated just recently to help Arabic learners by using carefully selected Arabic quotes, proverbs, and sayings. These quotes are recorded as podcasts which will be available soon in the iTunes Podcast directory. For this occasion, I've recorded an Eid greeting which is also written in Moroccan calligraphy. Quote #004: Wishing You A Blessed EidThe site is still in its first baby-steps to build an online audio library of Arabic quotes for teachers and learners of Arabic. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As the Arabs Say…كـَما قالـَت العَرَبhttp://www.v-arabic.com/aas/Again, Happy Eid to you all...
Mourad____________________________________Mourad Diouri مراد الديوري

m.diouri@ed.ac.uk, mourad.diouri@e-arabic.comt: + (44) 131 6506615w: casaw.ac.uk

24 November 2009

FSI Language Courses - Arabic

FSI Language Courses - Arabic

Welcome to fsi-language-courses.org, an alternate site for fsi-language-courses.com - the home for language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute.
These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain

18 November 2009

Arabic Grammar - Learn Arabic Online

Arabic Grammar - Learn Arabic Online

Arabic grammar is centered around a single topic; grammatical inflection. Anything studied in the language is studied only because it relates to this issue. It is a feat of staggering genius on the part of medieval grammarians that almost all aspects of the language are covered just by concentrating on the issue of grammatical inflection. We start with this topic, and it branches out to cover the entire language.

14 November 2009

Arabic Without Walls

Arabic Without Walls

Arabic Without Walls
Arabic Without Walls is now being taught and administered from UC Irvine.For general information about AWW, please see the UCLLT Website OR the page at UC Irvine's Humanities Language Learning Program The latter includes information on registering for the course and a link to the HLLP.

NMELRC | Arabic Without WallsHome

NMELRC Arabic Without WallsHome

Dear students some of you wrote to me about Arabic without Walls, that you can not access it. I thing it is the time to write to NMELRC .see contact below.


Arabic Without Walls
With so much misunderstanding in the world, we desperately need to expand Arabic language-learning opportunities. Interest in learning Arabic has greatly increased in recent years. Although many schools, colleges, and universities have added Arabic to their curriculum, most American students do not have access to study this important world language.The U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education has awarded the University of California Consortium on Language Learning & Teaching and the National Middle East Language Resource Center a grant to develop Arabic Without Walls, an innovative distance-learning program that will allow anyone, ranging from high school students to senior citizens, to study Arabic - no matter where they live.A team of highly respected curriculum developers and experts designed Arabic Without Walls to take advantage of the latest technology, while simultaneously ensuring the critical human contact that is essential for successful language learning. In order to provide a rich learning environment that exposes learners to the depth and breadth of Arab culture, we are collecting authentic materials and engaging interviews. These interviews introduce learners to a sample of real Arabs from various regional, educational, professional, and religious backgrounds.Arabic Without Walls is based on the widely-used textbook Al-Kitaab fii Ta`alum al-Arabiyya (Brustad et al., 2nd ed., Georgetown University Press, 2004). The content and scenarios of the interviews parallel the content of the lessons in Al-Kitaab and will be used as the basis for online learning activities that help students acquire real facility in using Arabic. Our experience shows that learners respond very positively to natural and authentic materials.

Arabic Without Walls is a not a publicly
accessible resource. More details on how to become involved will be posted soon

Please contact the NMELRC
National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC)
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07 November 2009

Arabic Accelerated (Total Beginners) - City University London

Arabic Accelerated (Total Beginners) - City University London

Start date(s):
Monday 18 January 2010
Class Time:
(Mondays and Thursdays every week for 11 weeks)
Course Fee:£320.00

Taught mostly in Arabic (Standard), this is a one-term course for total beginners. It is a two-evening-per-week introduction to the language and way of life for the purpose of practical communication. Whether you are studying for travelling, working abroad or with foreign companies, or broadening your horizons, the course will enable you to communicate confidently, socialise and not feel out of place in the country you are visiting.

I will be your Tutor.

Ahmed El-Shareif.