15 November 2013

أتعلم كتابة أحرف الهجاء LEARN HOW TO WRITE IN ARABIC

أتعلم كتابة أحرف الهجاء:

الكتابة writing 

  click on the blue arrow to go to the next letter
ALIF http://www.schoolarabia.net/wa7et_2atfal/learn_alpha/learn_alpha-1.htm
تعرف على الحروف  RECOGNIZE THE LETTERS , you willhear the word (LAWEN  coulour) this mean coulour the letters by spesific colour ( the name of the colour will apear) for example  : colour the lion with orange coulour  as in this link ---- to move to different letter click on the letter.

Song http://www.schoolarabia.net/asasia/duroos_1_2/arabi/abc/abc1.htm
another song click on the letter http://www.schoolarabia.net/wa7et_2atfal/7orof_hija2/7orof_hija2_1.htm

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