14 May 2013

Arabic Grammar and Exercises

Arabic Grammar and Exercises

From the remote mountains of Algeria where he was born to Switzerland, where he lives today, Abdallah Nacereddine has spent his lifetime traveling and lived in many European countries, Asia and the U.S. He  was a teacher of Arabic at the United Nations, Geneva, from September 1976 to March 1999. Previously he did all kinds of jobs, while traveling for 25 years, from one city, one country or from one continent to another, and, at the same time, studying by himself. Self-taught, with little formal schooling, he has always taught somewhere, sometime or another, as he started to teach the Holy Koran to children of his own age, or younger or older, when he was only twelve years old, after he had learned it himself by heart. He taught himself the English language. If you wish to know more, I invite you to read his fascinating autobiography in 2 volumes, 1360 pages. The Preface.

Source  http://anacereddine.com/index.html

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