12 September 2008

الجليس ‎, Al-Jaleys ‎

One of the best book, and one of the best web page of Dr jiad http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/mjiyad/aboutme.shtml

The book: I advise you to print this book. It consist of 160 pages which full of wonderful conversation and grammar,I wish one day DR Mohammed M. Jiyad create DVD for the conversation ,and curry on with his other 2 books.
Introduction I

Unit 1 Making Friends in Beirut 1
Unit 2 At Casablanca Airport 16
Unit 3 In a Hotel in Algers 33
Unit 4 Having Breakfast in Damascus 49
Unit 5 In a Bank in Baghdad 67
Unit 6 Renting a Car in Cairo 88
Unit 7 Shopping in Tunis 108
Unit 8 Staying with a Family in Amman 128
Unit 9 Being in a Car Accident in Oman 148
Unit 10 A Weekend with a Family in the Emirates 171
Example from the book :
Cultural Expression: العباراتُ الشـَّائِعَة:

This is unacceptable excuse! هَذا عُذرٌ غَيرُ مَقبول ٍ!
Thanks to God for your safety! ألحَمدُ للـَّهِ علی سَلامَتِكَِ!
Everything is in God hand! کـُلُّ شـَيءٍ بـِيَدِ اللـَّهِ!
By God, I don’t know what to say! واللـَّهِ لا أعرِفُ ما أقولُ!
By God, I was very busy. واللـَّهِ کـُنتُ مَشغولا جـِدَّآً.
This is a simple matter/thing. هَذا شـَيءٌ بَسيط ٌ.
You are crazy! أنتَ مَجنونٌ!
it is necessary that .... لا بُدَّ أنْ
nothing but ...... لـَيسَ إلا َّ......
I do not want to burden you. لا أريدُ أنْ أثقِلَ عَلـَيکـُم
to down load this book which so far is FREE, please click on the "pink" book 1: http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/mjiyad/textbooks.shtml

The web page :



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elshareif said...

Good news from Mohammed Jiyad, PhD

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