23 September 2008

Watch, Listen and Speak Modern Standard Arabic

For advanced level.But intermediate level can benefit too . Remember that to be able to speak the language is you need to do some lips and tongue movement and bring the sound out loud .
If you study out loud, you double your efficiency by adding auditory memory and you make your mouth work, helping with pronunciation and speech. SO TRY TO REPEAT OUT LOUD some words of what the actor/ess said.
The first episode start from page 14 ( pages shown at the bottom of the page, on the right.)

here is the links . Look for أبي جعفر المنصور
http://vramadan.mbc.net/mediamanager/ تشهد هذه الحلقة ولادة عبدالله بن العباس الملقب بأبي جعفر المنصور

There will be few second or so for the advertisement.

The main links www.mbc.net/shahed Shahed means watch

Please note the word اغلاق "close" on the top right,when you click on اغلاق word,you will close the advertisement, then the list of all episodes will shown .If you have any problem please let me know by leaving comments.Please note that you can download any episode to your computer.

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