25 October 2008

Arabic language skills for non Arabتعليم مهارات اللغة العربية لغير العرب

Arabic Language Skills for non Arab. تعليم مهارات اللغة العربية لغير العرب
The above title is consist of 2 books and CD . Made by Dr Mohamed Mohyddin ,language center,university of Brunei.and Dr Fardose A.Gad(MA in teaching Arabic as a foreign language). The beauty of this book is concentrates on the 4 SKILLS( SPEAKING ,LISTENING ,READING AND WRITING) in a practical and modern way. CD is pleasure to listen and watch(MAKE SURE THAT CD IS IN PERFECT CONDITION WHEN YOU BUY IT). Those 2 books(2005 and 2007 issues) are for beginners, published by Dar Al-Manarah tel/fax 0020502030254. PO BOX 35738 .Dar Alkotob Number 16023/2005. ISBN 977-6005-30-6.(not sure if this ISBN would work in ENGLAND)

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