20 November 2008

e-Arabic Learning Portal (eALP) » Join/Register

e-Arabic Learning Portal (eALP) » Join/Register

Join the eALP Community
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If you are interested to keep up-to-date with the eALP projects and initiatives, you will need to join the site as an interactive member.

You will receive updates and announcements about current and future projects and eLearning events organised by CASAW aimed at helping Arabic Language learners and teachers.

If you would like to take part in ‘face-to-face’ Tandem (at Edinburgh) or online eTandem, please register your interest by completing an online form.

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Anonymous said...

Jazakallah Akhi Ahmed for linking to the e-Arabic Learning Portal (eALP). Inshallah I will place a link to your blog in my personal site soon. Mourad