12 May 2009

institute of the language of the quran | Free Language

institute of the language of the quran Free Language

LQToronto.com Download Free Texts and View Free Video Courses to Learn the Arabic Language with Full Madinah Arabic Course

LQToronto.com is the official website of the Institute of the Language of the Quran in Toronto. The website is not for profit, and offers all of the Madinah Arabic courses for free as downloads of the texts and viewing of the videos.

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Anonymous said...

Asaalamu alaikum,

As I stand in the row, praying taraweeh, I realize that this Ramadan is not the same. Having finished the Book 3, by the Grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'laa, I find myself at the doorstep of the book of Allah. The words of Qur'an are not so distant anymore. The beautiful words recite by the Imam are now sentences that I can begin to comprehend. It dawns on me that my journey towards Qur'an has finally begun, by the Will of the Most Merciful.