02 October 2009

Al-Kitaab part1

Course Content

Arabic Without Walls contains materials for three separate components broken down under the Course Content into Al-Kitaab, Interviews, and Culture. While each component may stand by itself and therefore may be studied independently, the three are designed to complement each other in Arabic Without Walls. The course syllabus will help you go back and forth between the textbooks, the DVDs, and the Web materials as you proceed in a given chapter. For review purposes, however, or when you choose to concentrate on a single element of the Web-based course, you will find it useful to go to Course Content and select the relevant component.
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Anonymous said...

how can one use Arabic without walls without getting a password, or how was one get a password to Arabic without walls?

joanhanna3 said...

I am also wondering how to obtain a password or somehow get around that to use this site. Is that possible?

elshareif said...

write to :NMELRC Boards
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