17 August 2011

كتابى: الإلكترونى والمطبوع Electronic Arabic Reading Books

كتابى: الإلكترونى والمطبوع

Main page http://mybook.bibalex.org/browse.php?v=t

For intermediate and Advanced  students (B2,C1, C2)

This link is for Arabic Electonic Reading Books. And it is FRRE.
Simple language but excellent.
Once you open the link Click on the picture and it will open the book .
You may need to download DjVu program. link can be found here : http://mybook.bibalex.org/book.php?b=005628   AT THE END OF THE PAGE  like this أنت بحاجة لتثبيت DjVu لقراءة هذا الكتاب.
      or just search google for FREE DjVu

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