21 March 2014

Need help learning Arabic grammar?Table of Contents for English Grammar for Students of Arabic

Need help learning Arabic grammar?

English Grammar for Students in Arabic

Table of Contents for English Grammar for Students of Arabic: "You’ll use English Grammar for Students of Arabic
to prepare for class by reading the relevant pages
to consult for extra help when doing homework
to review English and Arabic grammar before exams"


the above book in relation to Al-Kittab

What is a Correlation?

A correlation lists the pages and line numbers in English Grammar for Students of Arabic to be read before each lesson in your Arabic textbook. Occasionally, pages are listed more than once so that you can review them.

http://www.oliviahill.com/pdf/al-kitaabcor-2004.pdf http://www.oliviahill.com/pdf/al-kitaabcor.pdf

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